Rest Day in Santiago de Compostela

Day Seventy Eight.

Written on July 6, 2012.

Today began with a lot of sleep! We slept until 8:30 a.m. We are looking forward to a cup of coffee and spending time In the Plaza. The Plaza is just a few minutes walk from our room. As soon as we arrived we saw Merle and Peter from Australia just arriving into Santiago. It was wonderful to see them and to share that profound time with them as they entered the City and reflected on what they had accomplished. Merle and Peter started their journey from Le Puy, France on April 19th.

Vern, Me, Merle, and Peter.

We walked with Merle and Peter to the Pilgrim's Office where they will also receive their Compostela. Just across the street we saw Remy and Anna. Marie saw us and we had a great reunion with her. It has been a few weeks since we have seen her.

I feel a strong connection to Pilgrims that I have seen along The Way and a connection to anyone coming into Santiago no matter how many days, weeks, or months they have been walking.

Vern, Remy, Anna, and Marie.

We were very interested in a large market not far from the Cathedral that we had heard about. We were getting hungry so it was time to find the market. As we were walking toward the market we saw Ana and her Mother, Consuelo. We couldn't believe it, we thought they were in Finisterre today. After we chose our raw food at the market we took it to a participating restaurant. For 10% of the purchase price of the food the restaurant will cook it. We had lunch and walked around Santiago with Consuelo and Ana.

Vern had heard a story about statues in a nearby park called Las dos Marias. We went to the park to find them.

Consuelo, Vern, and Ana with Las Dos Marias.

A photo of the actual Dos Marias.

The story we heard is that: The two ladies, both named Marie, were friendly to the University students in Santiago. They always said “hello” and spoke to the students. The students were moved by the women and created the statues of them.

We later had a fun dinner with a group of Pilgrims, including Tom, Kat, Merle, Peter, and two more Californians.

On our way back to our room we saw more familiar faces and good friends.

A group of Pilgrim friends including the California Boys!

Thank you to everyone who makes the arrival and time in Santiago so special!!

5 thoughts on “Rest Day in Santiago de Compostela

  1. Congratulations on reaching Santiago de Compostela, what a marvelous achivementfor both of you and you have still got the exiting bit of the Journey to Muxia left.
    I am just a bit worried about whats going to happen when you wake up and find your not walking today.

  2. Hi Nancy and Vern,
    I made it to Santiago today and was also very impressed, happy, touched and looking back quite astonished about myself. Santiago is full of pilgrims and it feels good to wath all the people around the cathedra. I’m a bit sorry that I’m “behind” so I didn’t meet you there. I’ve lost most of the people due to a rest day and taking it slowly for another day when I had to rest my leg. Tomorrow I’ll take a bus to Finisterre, so watch out, someone might be waving fiercly from a bus – then it’s me.
    Greetings from Margit from Switzerland

  3. Bonjour je suis J Yves je vous ai rencontré vers le 10 mai, je pense. Je connais Marie j’ai marché avec elle pendant 3 jours, à Estaing puis Conques etc… Bravo pour votre blog. Bonne année.
    Amicales pensées de J Yves j’habite à côté de Chartres . à UNVERRE 28160. Bye et keep yourself.

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