Portomarin to Palas de Rei

Day Seventy Four. 16.7 Miles, 27.0 Kilometers.

Written on July 2, 2012.

We walked out of Portamarin with Louis, Kim, and Scott. After a few miles I started talking with Kathryn from Georgia, U.S. She walked with us all day. Vern was waiting for Kathryn and I. We looked up just in time to see many young people walking over an overpass.

Students on the Camino de Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela is in the Province of Galicia. There are many things that are just unique to Galicia. One thing is a herrero. A herrero is a place where corn was dried in an earlier time. There seems to be a lot of herreros that are being restored.

A herrero near a church.

There are many ways to mark the way to Santiago. Yellow arrows are painted on rocks, walls, and buildings. Scallop shells are used to point the way. They may be brass, shell, or just painted. There are many ways to make a waymarker.

A pinecone waymarker.


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