Triacastela to Barbadelo

Day Seventy Two. 15.1 Miles, 24.3 Kilometers.

Written on June 30, 2012.

This morning there is a decision to make: walk to Samos and then on to Barbadelo or walk toward San Xil. We chose the woodland paths through San Xil, Furela, etc. we took a rest after two miles just before San Xil.

Rest area.

The path today is pleasant and the weather is cool…a little mist…some rain, perfect! Vern is ready for his first cup of coffee and we join many others in Furela at Casa do Franco for coffee and snacks.

Kat and Tom from Australia.

Nancy from Belgium.

Shaunna from Nebraska, U.S.A.

We walk another 5 miles before we reach Sarria, a major medieval center for Pilgrims. Sarria is now a popular starting point for Pilgrims with limited time. A Compostela may be picked up in Santiago. Starting from here will cover the required 100 kilometers to the Cathedral.

A Pilgrim mural in Sarria.

Vern and I are walking with Thomas. Not far from Sarria there is a young man with a table, chair, and a chicken. He is selling raw eggs and hard boiled eggs. We buy 3 cooked eggs and continue on our way.

Wisdom on a rock near Barbadelo.

Thomas, Vern, and I begin looking for Casa de Carmen, a Pension/Albergue. We met for dinner and had a delicious meal. I told Thomas that I was having some problems publishing postings on my blog. After dinner he showed me in just a few moments how to reset the App! Thanks Thomas for the good company and your tech knowledge!


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