Molinaseca to Cacabelos

Day Sixty Nine. 14.3 Miles, 23 Kilometers.

Written on June 27, 2012.

This morning we passed an Albergue where there were many bunkbeds outside. It was warm throughout the night, outside would have been a great place to be. Many Pilgrims are starting is 6:00 a.m. We see Paul and Mary as we are leaving town. They show us a shorter way to walk into Ponferrada. it is important to save time today before the temperature rises.

Castillo de Los Templarios in Ponferrada.
The 12th century castle has been declared a national monument and has recently reopened after extensive renovation.
Mary from Ireland.
Three miles after Ponferrada we were in Columbrianos. There is a chapel that seems to be in the road. Ermita San Blas y San Roque is the site of the original Pilgrim hospices.

Ermita San Blas y San Roque.

We walked through a section of road today where the gardens are gated and have garden supply “Shacks”. They vary in style and age. I am intrigued by these gardens. They are fenced and gated, but the home does not seem to be nearby.

A gardener near Fuentes Nuevas.

When I asked the gardener if it was ok to take his photo, he seemed pleased and told me that he has walked the Camino twice.

At a pilgrim rest area for donation only we saw Scott and his Mom Kim from Windsor, California and Margaret from Switzerland. The rest stop was wonderful: sliced watermelon, cherries, orange juice and a crystal clear creek!

Scott and Mom, Kim.

Margaret and Louie sitting in the creek.

Louie and his friend set up the Pilgrim stand. Louie is also a healer and likes to encourage Pilgrims to sit in the shade and take their backpacks off. He also likes to see people cool their feet.

We arrived in Cacabelos, saw Margaret and had a cold drink with her. We are staying In the same hostal, later we will meet for dinner.

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