“Rest” Day in Rabanal Del Camino

Day Sixty Seven.

Written on June 25, 2012.

Last night we prepared to start walking at 6:00 a.m. just like we do every morning. Water bottles and water bladder full, clothes are layed out. Our food is ready for tomorrow and we have done everything we can so that we don’t make noise in the morning.

At 1:00 a.m. I woke up. I definitely was not feeling well and went into the bathroom. It was obvious that I was sick. I will not go into details here but I was in and out of bed all night. I actually went online to see if I could figure out what was happening and then how to treat the symptoms. The best I could figure out is that one of my heart medicines was making me sick because of all of the exposure to the sun.

In the morning we contacted the owners of the Casa Rural to see if we could stay another night. Vern went downstairs to talk with the owners. They gave him tonic water with fresh squeezed lemon and tea for me. Vern went to the market and bought some crackers without much flavor.

I slept on and off for 12 hours! After a few hours I was feeling much better.

For dinner they prepared a salad and plain rice for me and a wonderful meal of paella for Vern. I am so grateful to be in this Casa Rural when I was sick. They treated me so well.

Miriam, Vern, Me, and Manuel.

Cruz de Ferro Casa Rural in Rabanal Del Camino.

Thank you Vern for taking such good care of me…I am really grateful!

5 thoughts on ““Rest” Day in Rabanal Del Camino

  1. Nancy& Vern,
    So sorry to hear you were not well Nancy, I do hope you are better now.
    Thank you for your kind words about Jennifer.
    Love your daily blog cannot sleep when it’s not updated daily,
    Good luck for the rest of your journey.

    The Gauls

  2. I bet you are correct about the heart medication and the sun….not a good combination…take care of yourself…hello to Vern

  3. sure hope you are better. what troopers you are. new roof half on. two hole in for skylights, two more to be cut in shortly. weather beautiful finally. saw suzy barber yesterday. she’s doing great. janet and terry doing fine as well. jan thru chemo and all surgery. thank heavens. love you both.

  4. Hope you are recovered and it’s cooling down on the Bierzo side of O Cebriero.
    We’re thinking of you.
    Kat (and tom)

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