Astorga to Rabanal Del Camino

Day Sixty Six. 14.5 Miles, 23.4 Kilometers.

Written on June 24, 2012.

Not far from Astorga is a sign indicating that this is the “Residence of St. Francis de Assissi”. I’ve always been Interested in St. Francis. His prayer is a well known prayer and is written in many languages.

We walked for about three miles and entered Murias de Rechivaldo. This is a village where many people continued to after reaching Astorga.

The next village was Santa Catalina. We stopped…Vern had his normal Cafe con Leche and I am now ordering iced decaf. While drinking our coffee I met another Nancy on the Camino. She is from Belgium. She told us that she started walking in France. She was in pain, at one point, and had a high fever. A Hospitaliero took her temperature and then took her to a Doctor. She had been walking on a fractured foot for four weeks. The Doctor created an insert for her shoes and treated her foot. She is now doing well and on her way to Santiago!

Cowboy Bar in El Ganso.

Another 5.5 miles of walking and we’re ready to refill our water. We stopped in at the Cowboy Bar and saw some familiar Pilgrims. Louis had been thinking about the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, he found it on his phone and he and I started singing it with headphones in our ears. Shawna and Vern suggested that we keep the headphones in our ears!

The walk today, especially from El Ganso, was hot. I tried to keep well hydrated and walk in the limited shade, when possible. I was glad to reach Rabanal del Camino.

After a shower, clothes washing, and a nap we were ready to eat dinner.

As we entered a Hostel/Cafe down the road we saw Barbara and her son, Jordan from Texas.

Barbara and Jordan.

Rabanal Del Camino is a great place for Pilgrims to gather before the long ascent the next day.

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