Leon to San Martin del Camino

Day Sixty Four. 16.1 Miles, 26 Kilometers.

Written on June 22, 2012.

Last night before bed we walked to find the best way to get to the Camino from our room. This morning we went right to it. Cities seem to be the most difficult to stay on the Camino due to roundabouts, and parked cars in front of clamshells/yellow arrows. It wasn’t long before we were in front of the Parador in Plaza San Marcos. During the 12th century it became the headquarters of the Knights of the Order of Santiago which was formed to protect the Pilgrim Way. It is now a luxury hotel.

Early morning photo of The Parador.

A sculpture and Vern in front of The Parador.

We enjoyed Plaza San Marcos and then started our walk through the suburbs of Leon. We were many miles from Leon when I saw Dieter from Belgium. It is not easy for a bicyclist to recognize a walker so I yelled his name.

Dieter on his way to Santiago.

Vern and I had decided to walk to Villadangos Del Parmo. Once there we would decide to go further or not. We were at a bar taking a much needed break when Kim and Scott from California joined us. Kim is Scott’s Mom. They were also deciding where to go next. We all wanted to go further so we decided to call ahead. When the owner answered she gave the phone to Nadia, a Pilgrim from Quebec, Canada who speaks perfect English. We made the arrangements and walked together to San Martin del Camino.

Nadia and her Mother making tea for many of us.

1 thought on “Leon to San Martin del Camino

  1. Can I just say this is my dream retirement you are living…great pics and stories…I will be sharing them with my mom 🙂

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