Ermita de San Nicolas to Villalcazar de Sirga

Day Fifty Nine. 18.6 Miles, 30 Kilometers.

Written on June 17, 2012.

When we arrived yesterday at Ermita de San Nicolas we were directed to choose two of the remaining three beds in the building behind the chapel. Our roommate is Kari from Norway. This morning we woke up at 5:30 a.m., grabbed our sleeping bags and backpacks and went outside. I finished dressing outside in the dark.

The Canal de Castilla.

We walked about six miles to a village where an Albergue/cafe was open. We ordered coffee, yogurt, toast and saw our friend, Jula, from Hungary. After a few miles we were entering Fromista by way of the canal walk.

We had just left the canal area when I heard the sound of a team of horses behind me. I quickly moved to one side.

Two teams of wagons pulled by horses on the way to Santiago de Compestela.

After Fromista I saw a herd of sheep entering onto a roadway. I kept walking and saw that the herder was taking the sheep down an onramp of a highway!

Herd of sheep headed for the onramp.

As soon as we entered into Villalcazar de Sirga we saw Orla, we hadn’t seen her since Burgos.

2 thoughts on “Ermita de San Nicolas to Villalcazar de Sirga

  1. Thank you for the wonderful website and blog. My son Jordan and wife Barbara (Camino Pilgrimages) passed it on to me and I have enjoyed reading about your incredible journey. Buen Camino to you both! Russ

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