Burgos to San Bol

Day Fifty Seven. 17.1 Miles, 27.5 Kilometers.

Written on June 15, 2012.

Burgos is a large city. We walked out of the city through the suburbs, past a prison, and over a highway. As I was walking I looked up to see Vern walking ahead of me with two other pilgrims. As I watched them walk together I realized that this is where friendships begin, this is where the Camino “telegraph” is most active, and this is where vital information is shared….walking together.

A Pilgrim “network”.

The “plan” today was to walk to Hornillos del Camino and then see how we feel. When we arrived at Hornillos we decided to keep going. There were two choices: one was to stay in San Bol, 5.8 Kilometers more or Hontanas, 10.8 Kilometers further. We decided to stay in San Bol. We are now walking in what is known as the Meseta, (high plains). It is beautiful, peaceful, and a great place to walk.

While walking in the Meseta I realized that I had an entourage: butterflies. Butterflies were flying next to me, behind me, in front of me and on me. For quite a distance I did not walk with my sticks. It was too hard to avoid them so I kept my sticks off the ground. As we got closer to San Bol we decided that we would see if there was room for us. In our book it says that there only 12 beds. We stopped in and yes there were four spaces left. In fact, there were two beds in a loft. Private loft!

San Bol Municipal Albergue.

San Bol is a wonderful oasis. We had a communal dinner. We all quickly organized our packs and ourselves after dinner as there wasn’t any electricity. The waters from the well are said to have healing properties and to cure aching feet. The peace and tranquility of this place can heal more than feet.

The water at San Bol.

As I was in front of the Albergue a Pilgrim arrived to ask about a bed. It was Marie, we had not seen her since May 27th! So glad to see her!

Earlier, when we arrived, we were told that a group of seven had reserved beds. By the time the Hosts had left the group had not arrived. After Marie, five more Pilgrims needed a bed, shower, and food.

As the evening unfolded it was clear that everyone who was there were exactly where they needed to be.

1 thought on “Burgos to San Bol

  1. What a great day with the mariposas. San Bol looks like an incredible place. It sounds like the current hospitalera was very accommodating and helped bring out the best experience for you two. I look forward to more stories from the meseta. Happy caminoing!

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