San Juan de Ortega to Burgos

Day Fifty Five. 16.5 Miles, 26.6 Kilometers.

Written on June 13, 2012.

A day filled with emotion and excitement. Everywhere I looked there was something of interest to grab my attention. The walk seem to go faster as we walked with friends and spent time with those who would be going home.

Scott, Chris, (brothers), and their friend Luke.

Today we walked through Atapuerca, an UNESCO World Heritage site. Atapuerca has been designated the site of the earliest human remains ever discovered in Europe. As we continued past the cave site, (closed weekdays), we found a panaderia, (bakery) for coffee. Reidun and Peder walked in. This would be our last opportunity to spend time with them. They will return to Norway when they reach the next city, Burgos.

A short way after Atapuerca we passed a rest area and saw Scott, Chris, and Luke. They were packing up from a good sleep outside. The Camino “telegraph” is buzzing about “The California Boys”. Everyone enjoys being around them and loves their spirit.

World Heritage sign at Atapuerca, Spain.

Me at the cross at Punto de Vista.

The first view of Burgos.

Pierre from France.
We have known Pierre since Miramomt-Sensacq, France. We met him on May 24th. He seems to know more words of English than we do French. He is a kind person. We are glad to see him before he leaves the Camino in Burgos tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “San Juan de Ortega to Burgos

    • Hi Joe,
      As of today we have 312.3 miles left to reach Muxia, Spain. We are in Hermanillos de la Calzada, Spain. It is a village in the high plains.
      Hope all is well with you…thanks for following.

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