Navarette to Najera

Day Fifty One. 11.2 Miles, 18 Kilometers.

Written on June 9, 2012.

On the Camino by 6:10 a.m. We seem to be at our best in the morning and walk for several miles before needing a rest. We took a break in Ventosa and met many people who we had not met before. We are meeting more Americans who are on the Camino because they watched the movie, “The Way”. I saw the movie and thought that it is a great way to introduce Americans and others to The Camino de Santiago. The movie is now being distributed in many countries.

We met Brigitte from Switzerland while taking our break. Her and I walked together for awhile. As we were walking I noticed that a Pilgrim was walking toward us. What? Can it be? A Pilgrim walking back from Santiago de Compestela? Yes! I asked him if he was returning from Santiago. He said that he had actually walked from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago and now he wasn’t sure but may be walking to Holland.

Pilgrim walking back from Santiago de Compestela.

We soon arrived in Najera. We decided to stop and have a coffee while looking at our choices for staying the night. I spotted a cut out where I could put my head through and asked Vern to take a picture.

Nancy having fun.

We found two beds in an Albergue, only one year old, got settled in, and decided to walk through the town. We saw our friend, Pierre, and made a plan to have dinner. We met him at 7:30 p.m. After making the plan to meet Pierre we saw Dominic in town and asked him to join us. Pierre saw his friend, Louis, and asked him along for dinner. We now had a group of five. The owner of the Albergue walked with us to show us a good restaurant. We all had a good meal…just right for each one of us!

Pierre, Dominic, Nancy, Vern, and Louis.


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