Logrono to Navarette

Day Fifty. 7.9 Miles, 12.7 Kilometers.

Written on June 8, 2012.

Logrono is a city that takes awhile to walk through especially when the panaderias and bars are opening for fresh croissants and coffee. We start to leave and notice a fruit stand. An orange sounds good so we stop there, too. On the way out we notice what is either the preparation for or the aftermath of a festival in Logrono.

Banners surround the Catedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda XIV.

Waymarkers like this all through Logrono and beyond help us find our way.

A Religous tribute between Logrono and Navarette.

It is a short walk today. We take a rest and then go exploring. We soon see Reidun and Peder. Once again we have dinner with them.

Vern has a rip in his pants and looks for a tailor or a seamstress. He found a man who repairs clothing. When Vern asked how much it will cost, he said no charge for a Pilgrim!

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