Rest Day in Pamplona

Day Forty Five.

Written on June 3, 2012.

Knowing that today we will just stay in Pamplona and take care of ourselves, we got up just long enough to find a cup of coffee at a local bakery and walk around for awhile. Very few people are on the is 8:30 a.m. As we walk we hear the sounds of some bakeries opening up. It is Sunday and very few businesses will be open until the restaurants and bars open on the plaza for dinner.

It is time for me to explore some of the areas that I was too tired to check out yesterday.

Street performer in Pamplona.

A bicycle tour through the City.

Pamplona isn’t just a place to have a party, Pamplona IS a party. The activity is never-ending.

An incredible sculpture depicting The Running of the Bulls.

Peder, Vern, and Reidun.

This evening we left our room to eat dinner. We had found a good place to eat on the Plaza. We saw two Pilgrims from Norway and asked them to join us. We had a great dinner and fun talking about where we have been and what we had done since we saw each other last.


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