Navarrenx to Aroue-Ithorots-Olhaiby

Day Thirty Nine. 11.8 Miles, 19 Kilometers.

Written on May 28, 2012.

Just a few minutes from the campground (chalet) where we stayed last night was a great view of the entrance of the walled city, Navarrenx. I wanted to take a picture of the entrance. There was a pilgrim standing there. I waited to take my picture. As soon as he moved Vern recognized him as a Pilgrim who was at the Cathedral in Le Puy. We had the Pilgrim blessing on the same day, April 19th. Dominic from Switzerland started walking on the 19th and we started on the 20th.. This is the first time we have seen him since that day!

Pictured: The entrance to Navarrenx.

Pictured: Vern and Dominic.

Today we saw our second Pilgrim pulling a cart! His wife close behind, explaining how hard it is on his back to carry the backpack. He was moving quickly.

Pictured: Pilgrim with cart.

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