Aroue-Ithorots-Olhaiby to Ostabat-Asme

Day Forty. 13 Miles, 21 Kilometers.

Written on May 29, 2012.

Finding our way out of Aroue was easy enough. We just followed the escargot sign like Michel had told us. As we were walking along I heard a commotion and looked up just in time to see many sheep walking towards us. Two or three dogs were keeping them moving along.

Pictured: Commute traffic on the Chemin.

At one point I noticed that Vern had met a friend, a black and white dog.

Pictured: Vern and his friend.

We arrived at Ostabat early enough to take some time to have a cold drink and snack at a local cafe. Just then the group of six came in. There was a computer at the cafe so I showed them their picture on my blog. They loved it. We seem to know just about everyone who is walking into the village.

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