Aire-sur-l’Adour to Miramont-Sensacq

Day Thirty Five. 12.1 Miles, 19.5 Kilometers.

Written on May 25, 2012.

The information is spreading: no services available for at least 12 miles. Pilgrims are leaving Gites, Hotels and Chambre d’Hotes and going to the market. Vern is carrying lunch and snacks for us so we are all set. It is already warm. We stop to take off some clothing. We are waving and wishing Buon Route, Buon Chemin to everyone we see. We walk past what seems to be a regional park with a beautiful lake.

Pictured: Lake on the way to Miramont-Sensacq.

Several people are fishing. Shade is becoming less and less. After two hours of walking we find shade and take a break. We soon see a pilgrim and his friend who we saw yesterday. One of them is pulling a cart that is attached to him.

Pictured: A creative Pilgrim.

The farm land is vast and we walk in the sun for hours today. Every spot of shade is occupied by more and more pilgrims. It is time to be conscious of heat exhaustion and what to do to prevent the possibility. We take a break close to Miramont-Sensacq and meet Rhonda from Australia. The last mile seems to be uphill. Many people we saw along the way are staying here tonight.

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