La Hargue to Nogaro

Day Thirty Three. 9.3 Miles, 15 Kilometers.

Written on May 22, 2012

Today’s plan is to walk to Nogaro. 10.5 miles. Wow…short day! We will keep walking with few breaks so that we can enjoy a short day and explore the town of Nogaro. One of the first groups of Pilgrims we see is a very friendly woman taking pictures..her companions are two men. The two men walk rapidly together. Philippe is guided through mud, rocks, and creeks. I came to realize that Philippe is severly visually impaired. He has one walking stick and a very rapid pace. I am inspired and filled with a sense of all of the possibilities on the Camino. Every possible scenario is just waiting to be experienced. While the woman was taking pictures of cows I motioned to her that I would take a picture of her in front of the cows. Later in the day she took a picture of us and I took a picture of them.

Pictured: Monique, Philippe, Daniel.

Pictured: Nancy and Vern.

No ponchos today so the mud will be more manageable tomorrow. We were early into Nogaro. Our Gite opened at 3:30 p.m. We went to a cafe with wifi, had coffee and salad. A couple heard us speak English and told us that they were from British Columbia driving through France. It was good to meet them and we told them about our blog. Then as I turned around to say goodbye I noticed that Monique, Philippe, and Daniel were seated close by. They asked in French if we are staying at the same Gite and we said yes. I love the connections that are made with people. Sometimes the more of a struggle to find the words of another’s language the deeper the connection. A true effort is being made to create a connection.


2 thoughts on “La Hargue to Nogaro

  1. Hi Nancy! Thinking of you today. Nice to see a picture of you, usually you are the one taking it! lol You and Vern look great! Keep on truckin’ ! Much love! Lulu

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