Lauzerte to Moissac

Day Twenty Six. 15.2 Miles, 24.5 Kilometers.

Written on May 15, 2012.

As soon as we started walking we saw Carmen, Luis, and friends. They were headed to the bakery. We already had food that we were carrying. It was good to see them. We all headed to the Chemin together. After a few miles of walking we took a break at a chapel that has been in the process of renovation since 1991. Just a short way from the chapel was a pigeon house. As we walked by I couldn’t figure out what it was so I looked in one of my books.

Pictured: Pigeonnier du Quercy.

Pictured: Vern and Marie, from Belgium.

Throughout the day we saw more and more Pilgrims: some new faces and some that we have seen many times.

Pictured: A Pilgrim sculpture at the entrance to Moissac.

Today we followed way markers that actually took us out of our way. We arrived at the Gite in Moissac after everyone. Our roommates, Josiane and Veronique, saved the bottom bunks for us….we were grateful!! Thank you Beatrice of Gite d’etape les Etoiles in Moissac for the wonderful meal and company!

Pictured: Annie’s book full of drawings, thoughts, and stamps from the Chemin.
Pictured: Beatrice, Bernard, Annie, Me, Josiane, Gilbert, Veronique, and Vern.
Not pictured: Brigitte, taking the photo.


1 thought on “Lauzerte to Moissac

  1. Have been following your blog from day one. I believe you are still at your home in Gasquet and are making this all up. Aren’t you with the same group that said we landed on the moon? Troy and Buzz are still fighting like brothers so everything is the same here.

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