Les Vignals to Lauzerte

Day Twenty Five. 16.1 Miles, 26 Kilometers.

Written on May 14, 2012

The farm house was wonderful and we had a great sleep. We left at 6 a.m. and started to make our way to the Chemin. We tried to reserve beds in Lascabanes, but the Gites and Chambre d’Hotes were full. The farm was 2 kilometers off the Chemin. The Madame showed us how to get back to the Chemin on a map without having to go back all the way to where we left it. Good! We followed her instructions and walked through thigh high grass and a freshly plowed field. Just when we were wondering where we were we heard vehicles not far from us. She had told us that the path would lead to a road. We found a path through the trees and found the road. The names on the signs were not matching the names on our map and in our books. Leap of faith! We just kept walking, finally we saw the sign we were looking for.

Pictured: The sign we are grateful for!

When we found the other landmark we were looking for, a road number, we turned left and kept walking. After four hours of walking we found the route we were looking for. Now we had eight miles to go.

Pictured: a work of art on the way to Lauzerte.

Now we could settle in. Not only did we see the beautiful cross, there were also works of art using recyclables along the way.


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