Le Pech via (Cahors) to Le Rosiere

Day Twenty Three. 10.2 miles, 16.5 kilometers

Written on May 12, 2012

Vern and I left early this morning from the Gite and in a few minutes we were on the Chemin, (Camino). After walking for a few miles we saw a sign and then checked our books. It seemed that we would be able to take a variant route and not have to go to Cahors. When we arrived at the junction it was not clearly marked. We decided to stay on the marked route.

Pictured: The first view of the Pont Valentre with three towers in the background. (Cahors).

We are grateful that we did not pass by this city. It was a great walk and we enjoyed our time at the Pilgrim Welcome Center.

Thank you to our hostess at the Pilgrim Welcome Center

We continued through Cahors and continued the long walk toward Lascabanes. The Gite we are staying at is in Le Rosiere a few kilometers before Lascabanes.

Pictured: The “scene” in front of the Gite.

There are many Pilgrims here. We are with every Pilgrim from the Gite at Le Pech. Great meal and wonderful time this evening. We recognize many faces!

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