Bach to Le Pech

Day Twenty Two. 9.3 Miles, 15 Kilometers.

Written on May 11, 2012.

We left as early as we could today after our breakfast. It was already warm. Michelle, the Madame, told us that there will not be any stores, cafes, or bars on the way to Le Pech today. We had a sandwich, cookies, and chocolate squares… food for Pilgrims. The path today was mostly dirt track and a lot of shade. I am increasing my speed a little everyday so that I can walk more miles while it is still cool.

After a short way from Bach we saw a deer jumping over a stone wall. Soon a pilgrim was passing us. He is from Italy and said that walking on the pavement was hurting his feet. When we get to Le Pech we will start to make a tentative plan of destinations for the next few days taking into consideration the mileage that we want to walk. More and more people are walking and reservations are much more accepted and expected here than what we knew to be true in Spain. It is more casual in France, though, when you have a reservation you are able to enter the Gite at anytime during the day if your name is on the door. That has been our experience.

Pictured: Vern walking across a stone bridge on the way to Le Pech.

1 thought on “Bach to Le Pech

  1. Wow! You’ve gone from almost blizzard conditions to almost an heatwave. We had the same experience when we drove across the US two weeks ago–snow from Eastern Oregon through Utah, then tornadoes and high winds in Nebraska and Missouri, then a nice balmy 85 degrees in Va Beach. It’s good to be a chameleon, huh?

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