Grealou to Cajarc

Day 19. 6.7 miles, 10 k.

Written on May 8, 2012.

We had met Jonive yesterday on the Camino and were glad to see him at the Gite In the afternoon. He helped us understand what was being said and told others what we were saying. At one point people were again trying to help me with my pronounciation of basic French words. It was so comical that one of the pilgrims started filming all of the adults making mooing sounds so that I could say Monsieur.

Pictured: A beautiful entry way on the road to Cajarc.

Pictured: A creative No Trespassing sign.

We were later told that there really were snakes in this area. A lady Pilgrim at dinner told us that as she was walking through the area a viper was trying to eat a lizard…the lizard escaped and ran through the lady’s legs with the snake close behind. She was so startled that she fell down, luckily on her backpack, but did break part of her camera.

The walk to Cajarc was the beginning of many miles of walking on rocks of all shapes and sizes. Occasionally there were dirt paths that were easy to walk on.


1 thought on “Grealou to Cajarc

  1. The scenery is just unbelievably beautiful. I can’t wait to see all of the pictures upon your return. Be safe.

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