Figeac to Grealou

Day Eighteen.

13.3 Miles, 21.2 Kilometers

Written on May 7, 2012.

This morning as we were leaving our room we intended to go directly to the Post Office to pick up a package that I had prepared for mailing before we left home. On the way to the Post Office we saw a grocery store. We have learned that when you see a store that is open it is a good idea to get what you need. Before entering the Post Office I was practicing the sentence for “do you have a package for me?”. When I showed my passport they immediately went to get my package. I have discovered that while walking long distances it helps me to have Accelerade. It is an electrolyte replacement and nutritional drink. It is a powder and I just add water. Also in my package was Endurox, a muscle recovery drink that helps me after walking for the day.

Pictured: A Camino “greeter” just outside of Figeac.

Tomorrow is a holiday so there are a lot of walkers today. We are enjoying the level areas that are more frequent now. Each day the surrounding area is more plush and beautiful.

We are starting to see shephard huts in shapes and sizes that we had not seen before. Wild flowers are blooming.

On the way to Grealou we met pilgrims who were already at the Gite when we arrived. We are staying at a Gite that is called EcoOasis. The owners are very eco conscious. The food is organic and delicious.We had fun at dinner.

Pictured: A shepherd’s hut.

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