Livinhac-le-Haut to Figeac

Day Seventeen.

15.3 Miles, 24.5 Kilometers

Written on May 6, 2012

Pictured: 14th Century murals in the Chapel of Sainte-Madeleine, Chapelle de Guirande.

It started out as a cool morning, perfect for long distance walking. We both slept well. We began walking toward Figeac. This is another holiday weekend in France and there are many local walkers today. After six miles of walking we came to the village of Chapelle de Guirande. We took a break in front of the Chapel of Sainte-Madeleine. It started to rain. We waited to see if it was going to be heavy enough for us to put our ponchos on. We decided that it was and did “the put on your poncho drill”. Although it was raining it was warm.

Today we fasted…….unintentionally. We had made a sandwich to share earlier. It seemed that the sandwich meat was not good so we threw it away. From the time we left Livinhac we looked for anything that was open. We had three cookies and four squares of chocolate. Fifteen miles later when we arrived in Figeac we were hungry. We filled ourselves up with water the best we could along the way. As soon as we found our hotel we met a couple from Australia who were going to the same hotel. When I told them that we will check in and then go find food they gave us a brand new Tobler candy bar!

Pictured: Figeac

All I could think about was food when we left the hotel so I forgot to bring my camera. As we were walking toward the center of the city I started to see people eating. We walked in the direction they were coming from and walked right into a carnival! As we looked at the food choices we found a wonderful deli with a great selection of food! It was fun to walk around and check out the carnival.

Just as we were falling asleep in our hotel there were several, what seemed to be explosions. They were actually fireworks. Then we remembered that today France has elected a new President!

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