Conques to Livinhac-Le-Haut

Day Sixteen. 14 Miles, 23.5 Kilometers.

Written on May 5, 2012.

Pictured: A photo that I couldn’t resist between Conques and Livinhac-le-Haut.
This morning we were able to be on the Camino by 7:15 a.m. We were almost immediately going straight uphill. The hills we have been climbing make the hills we trained on seem like flat ground. We walked up to Chapelle Saint-Foy 1 mile from the campground. It was a quaint chapel and a good rest stop. Chapelle Saint-Foy was the site of a local pilgrimage. The chapel is built by a spring whose waters were reputed to be miraculous cures for eye complaints.
Pictured: Chapelle Saint-Roch.
The Chapelle Saint-Roch is almost 1-1/2 miles past the village of Noailhac.
A sculpture or statue of Saint Roch almost always has his robe pulled back showing a mark or wound on his leg and he usually has a dog. St. Roch was a healer who helped the sick. He eventually fell ill himself and exposed his sores to warn others.
Pictured: Saint Roch.
After I came out of Chapelle Saint-Roch two couples came up to the picnic table that we were sitting at. They started speaking English. We were surprised! To date we have met only one American: Barbara from Monterey, California. The two couples were Canadian. It was fun to all speak with each other. It was time for us to leave and we continued our walk. It is a beautiful day and my pack is much lighter after going to the post office in Conques. We waited to be out of snow country before sending a few things home. As we got closer to Livinhac I could hear thunder all around us. It wasn’t raining but the thunder was prompting me to walk faster and stay ahead of the storm. We entered Livinhac and looked for the campground. Mobile homes are priced reasonably and we sleep well in them.

2 thoughts on “Conques to Livinhac-Le-Haut

  1. Hi Nancy, That is some awesome pictures. I am glad you are having such a good time walking all over. I just got back from a nice cruise. See you when you get back. Cousin
    Evelyn Oh yes, brother Greg is here now painting the inside of my house . What a nice

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