Golinhac to Senergues

Day Thirteen. 7.9 Miles, 12 Kilometers.

Written on May 2, 2012

Pictured: Nancy, Vern, a fellow Pilgrim in our room, Jean-Michel, and Christine.

This morning as we were leaving the Gite we wanted to make sure that we took a picture of ourselves with Jean-Michel and Christine. Vern set up his small tripod that looks like some kind of transformer toy and took a great picture.

Vern and I set off for our walk. We found the Chemin and walked uphill for quite awhile. As we were taking a break at a crossroads we visited with the three brothers and the three women from France who always have wonderful treatment tips for us. A few days ago they told us about a Sports product that is wonderful for feet. It is called Nok and I know that as long as we can purchase it we will have it in our bags. It instantly makes our feet feel great. No one seems to know what is in it or really seems to care. If we are having sore feet we will even stop on the Camino and apply some Nok. The same women are concerned about the weight of my bag. I will be sending some cold weather clothes back home as soon as I am in a town or village where a Le Poste is and it is open.

Pictured: Vern, Francois, Michel, and Roland.

As the weather warmed up and we kept walking up another hill I could feel my energy level getting lower and lower. We entered the village of Senergues and saw Roland, Francois, and the three women in the park. I went over to the fountain and poured cold water on my head. We said goodbye to everyone and told them we were on our way to Conques. On the way out of the village Vern and I discussed whether we truly wanted to walk another almost 6 miles in this warm weather. The answer was no and we decided to try to find the Gite that Francois and Roland were staying at. We circled back to the village of Senergues and found the Gite. There was a room with two vacant beds and those were assigned to us. As we were making arrangements our friend, Michel, was in the entrance of the Gite.We haven’t seen him in several days and ask Francois and Roland about him constantly. It was so good to see him. He was already in the adjoining room to ours!! Francois and Roland returned to the Gite. They thought we were far from the village and there we were. They did not know that Michel was there, either. It was a surprise for them….another “party”!

We had told Jean-Michel and Christine that we would see them in Conques. I called the Gite they are staying at and left a message for them. I know we will see them soon.


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