Saint-Come d’Olt to Estaing

Day Eleven. 10.5 miles. 17k.

Written April 30, 2012

Pictured: Francois with his hat.

As soon as we left where we stayed last night we saw Francois and Roland. Several days ago when staying at the Ferme Gite in Sauges Vern happened to ask the pilgrim next to him if he lost a hat. Francois didn’t understand him but his eyes lit up when he saw his hat. As soon as I saw Francois wearing his hat today I had to take a picture. The four of us walked to the plaza and then started looking for any sign of the Camino. We saw the way markings for the local walk and started down the path. A woman who was walking her dog stopped to let us know that we were not on the Camino. I am sure that she knew we were pilgrims because of the size of our backpacks. Any one on a local walk would have a daypack and not a 50+liter backpack.

Pictured: A man in Espalion showing me the Mississippi license plate on his scooter (hard to see in photo).

As we entered Espalion we once again were not seeing the Camino markers. There were a group of men gathered in front of a cafe. I told them in French that I only understand a little French and that I am an American. A man in a motorized scooter quickly turned his scooter around to show me a license plate that is from Mississippi. I walked away and then returned to ask him if it would be ok to take a picture.

Pictured: Eglise de Saint-Pierre-de-Bessuejouls

This church had a winding concrete staircase to a praying area above. It is an 11th century chapel.

Just beyond the church was a steep path that went up for what seemed to be at least an hour. It was a good workout. I had a great sense of accomplishment when I was at the top. We took a break with two couples from New Zealand.

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