Estaing to Golinhac

Day Twelve. 10 Miles, 16 Kilometers.

Written on May 1, 2012

Pictured: A shady path leading to Golinhac.

Today it is important for me to say that I now feel stronger and more settled into the terrain and routine of the Chemin in France. My pace is still slower than most but I now feel more in synch with the route and the terrain. Today was an enjoyable walk from Estaing. Beautiful rolling hills. We are now seeing more and more people that we recognize from the Gites, cafes or just walking on the Chemin. There seems to be a party everywhere we go. Someone is always helping me with my French pronounciations and have a lot of fun doing so . Most people now just call us Californie, (Cal-a-forn-ee). Nancy is possible to say, but Vern seems difficult. Once we got to the summit of yet another mountain the walk, for me was enjoyable…perfect spring weather and perfect company. While Vern and I were taking a break here comes the three brothers. We met them two days ago in Saint-Come d’Olt and have been seeing them ever since. One brother, Jacques, always says to us…SPEAK WITH YOUR HANDS!!

Pictured: Pierre, Jacques, and Jean-Claude (3 brothers)

Today we saw Jean-Michel and Christine again from Saint-Come d’Olt. We had an afternoon beverage with them at the Gite snack bar. It was fun to show each other where we live by using google maps. It still amazes me that I can zoom right in on our home and others in a matter of seconds. We were even able to show them downtown Gasquet! Awhile later we walked from the Gite to the restaurant. The Gite is part of a large facility: campground and many chalets.

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