Nasbinals to Saint-Chely d’Aubrac

Day Eight. 10.5 Miles. 17 Kilometers.

Written on April 27, 2012

Pictured: Vern on his way to the town of Aubrac.

This morning we left Nasbinals. The walk out of town on the Camino was an incline but much less than previous days. We were walking for quite a while before we saw other pilgrims. Soon we were at a gate that we needed to open. Any time we see a red line on top of a white line we know that we are going in the right direction and we are on the Camino. The “way mark” was at the gate. As soon as we went through the gate we knew that we were in a small section of a vast amount of cattle grazing area. There were huge drifts of snow throughout the entire pasture. I am guessing at the amount of time that we walked through the pasture and in and out of snow drifts but I believe it was at least 3 hours. The snow was anywhere between ground level to 3 feet deep. Every time I am walking through a terrain that is somewhat different I am so grateful for my walking sticks. After a couple of hours of walking Vern was leading us through yet another snow drift when all of a sudden his right leg disappeared into the snow. Wow! I was behind him. As I tried to get to him and not sink into a hole myself he was able to push himself out and crawl to land with his backpack still in place. Today we saw more people who we have previously met. When we reached Aubrac we stopped in at a cafe and saw Valerie. Valerie stayed at the Gite Ferme that we stayed at in Sauges. It was good to see her. There were many of us today that walked on the Camino through the pasture land. Today was a walk filled with creek beds and ravines.

Pictured: Vern by a sign showing us that we are going the right way to St. Chely D’Aubrac.

The terrain is definitely changing,…the first time in many days. The air is warmer and there are many trees, creeks, and waterfalls. As we were getting closer to Saint Chely D’Aubrac we were passed on the trail by a young man wearing a day pack and running at top speed through the creek bed. Also today there was a man on a bike. His wife and friends were walking and he was waiting for them on his bicycle because of a pulled muscle injury.

Saint-Chely d’Aubrac is a beautiful large village nestled in a valley.

2 thoughts on “Nasbinals to Saint-Chely d’Aubrac

  1. Hi Nancy and Vern, Thank you for the exciting reports. While reading I can really imagine how and where you are. It’s great that I can read your blog on my mobile phone while being on vacation. Buen camino and take care !!! Lisa

  2. Vern: Hey” COOL GUY” crawling out of a snow drift hole’ near Aubrac— the object is to walk
    FRANCE back country “UPRIGHT” without hazards occasions 🙂 Reminds us of Wisconsin
    winters……Stay safe lol b/l

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