Sauges to Le Sauvage

Day Four: 12.1 miles (19.5 kilometers)

Written on April 23, 2012.

Shown: Roland and Michel

We had breakfast at the Gite then we were on the lookout for a grocery store to buy a baquette, meat and cheese for sandwiches. It is smart to start each day with a lunch in our backpacks. While I was waiting for Vern I met two pilgrims from Holland. I introduced myself and they said, “Oh we know of you! We see your names on the Chemin!! Again our friends…are making us famous on the Camino. We walked in the cold for some time and then decided to stop at a cafe along the way that we had seen advertised on the road. What we saw were two homes and a sign for a cheese farm. We asked a woman for the cafe and she pointed at the house across the way. We rang the bell and the woman popped her head out of a second story window. We ordered our coffees and she pointed for us to go to the barn. Inside the barn were Michel, Francois and Roland? I said we must take a picture of this “cafe” with the stacks of hay. We all enjoyed our coffees and seeing each other again.They left before us, we stayed to have our sandwiches. As the day grew on we still had 6 miles to go. The weather turned colder and colder until it finally snowed. There were a few rolling hills to walk up and down. We met a pilgrim, Lee, from Korea who we helped with his poncho. It was blowing up over his head.

We finally made it to Le Sauvage, a historic monument dating back to the 13th century. It was a hospital run by des Templiers. When we were checking in we realized that we recognized many Pilgrims in the bar area.

We were to leave our boots at the entrance to our Gite. Vern put on a pair of sandals that he thought were for complimentary use. When our roommates returned from another part of the Gite the man looked at Vern’s sandals and said in French that those are mine! Good thing that he was laughing..we all had a great joke over it. Dinner was awesome and a lot of fun. At our table we were speaking French, Spanish and English…sometimes all at once. The speculation had begun about what the conditions tomorrow will be with the snow steadily falling.

3 thoughts on “Sauges to Le Sauvage

  1. bonjour à tous!
    nous avons croisé à plusieurs reprises vern et nancy durant notre semaine sur le chemin de saint jacques.
    sylvie, mon épouse et moi,lionel en vtt!
    la neige était au rendez-vous et ne facilitait pas la tache mais malgré tout nos deux héros restent toujours curieux de tout et de bonnes humeurs !!!
    merci pour votre gentillesse et votre savoir vivre!
    a bientôt sur le chemin

  2. Hey Nancy and Vern, I love to read your blog!! It’s wonderful! You have snow, that’s amazing! Hopefully I will not have snow. I start tomorrow, will fly to Asturia and start walking on Tuesday. Christina from Berlin

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