Le Sauvage to Aumont-Aubrac

Day Five: 17.1 miles (27.5 kilometers)

Written on April 24, 2012

The conversation all through dinner last night in several languages was: do you think that the snow will keep falling tonight and do you think that we will be able to walk tomorrow? There were many opinions being expressed. This morning everyone seemed to think that the best option was to walk out of Le Sauvage before more snow fell. Vern and I followed along behind Yannick and Evelyne . We walked as fast as we could so that we wouldn’t lose sight of them as snow was starting to fall harder and harder. It was our first high mileage day…we walked through snow, in snow, through snow and high winds, and through a lot of water. At one point we found 2 ricola (cough drops) on the ground with a note carved into the dirt that said “Vern, sugar for you”! Thanks again to our friends for their kindness!

Pictured is Beatrice from Auvers-sur-Oise.

We stopped at a cafe in Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole just in time to find Yannick, Evelyne, Francois, Michele, and Roland enjoying their breakfast. After the stop at the cafe we walked for several more hours arriving in Aumont-Aubrac. We are sharing a room with Beatrice who we met and spent time with in Sauges. We had a wonderful meal altogether at the Gite and a lot of laughs.

7 thoughts on “Le Sauvage to Aumont-Aubrac

  1. You two never cease to amaze me!! This is quite a treck! We thought of Vern on his Bday, hope it was a good one. Love to you both. Sue & Pete

  2. ‘BRRRR!! WHAT ALTITUDE ARE YOU AT WITH ALL THAT SNOW? Snow,wind & rain, welcome to the land of backpacking the mountains. You guys are doing great walking in this climate weather in France in early spring. We are enjoying your adventure, and look forward to the many pictures on my computer every morning. Stay safe–“Hugs” to you both lol L/B

  3. The true meaning of a pilgrimage seems to be delivered by Mother Nature. Hey, Nancy, remember how delighted we were to walk in the snow? Relish the hot tea at the end of the day.

  4. Wow! You walked the longest distance so far in the snow? I’m impressed. the photos are great, Nancy. It is such a treat to get a post from you in my email since I am now stationary. Thank you for sharing.

  5. How did you go so far with the snow? Did you slide down the hills? lol Love and miss you. Stay strong! When you get to the top of a hill don’t for get to yell, ‘Ricola!’

  6. Bonjour Nancy et Vern,

    Merci d’avoir mis ma photo ! Grâce à ce blog, je vais pouvoir vous suivre jusqu’à Conques, là où je me suis arrêtée avant hier. Mais surtout je vais pouvoir vous suivre après, sur chemin que je ferai l’année prochaine, je l’espère. Je suis chez moi et dois aller travailler demain matin ! L’atterrissage va être dur. Bravo pour ce blog Nancy, très vivant et émouvant. Je suis désolée de ne plus vous avoir revus après ce magnifique aligot, mais c’est le chemin. Bon chemin et vraiment ravie de vous avoir connus.

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