History, Beauty, and Climbing in Le Puy

This is the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral of Norte-Dame in Le Puy-en-Velay. This morning Vern and I made our way through the streets, up (I mean UP), the many cobblestone streets to the immense staircase in front of the Cathedral and up the staircase inside the Cathedral. We attended a Pilgrim Mass. The Monsignor spoke in French and English. Anyone choosing to receive a blessing, regardless of religious affiliation was able to do so. It was great to meet other Pilgrims. Some were leaving today, and some were leaving tomorrow like we are.

This a cluster of buildings at the base/entrance to the Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel perched on top of a volcanic chimney. To the right is a small chapel. The walk to Saint Michel is up 267 steps. Every climb in this town is more than worth the effort! We have spent some time today preparing a package to mail to a pension in Santiago, Spain to pick up in July. We received a lot of help from a postal worker who actually seemed to enjoy helping us 2 days in a row:) The second photo did not transfer….I’m learning as I go.


6 thoughts on “History, Beauty, and Climbing in Le Puy

  1. Thank you so much for the rosaries and prayer cards/pamphlets in French from your pilgrim Mass! What a lovely surprise to receive in the mail. God bless you both on your camino!

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