Welcome To Our Home, Bienvenue Chez Nous

As shown: Etienne, Nancy, Laurence, Vern, and Philippe. We enjoyed our time with Philippe and Laurence in their beautiful home just outside of Clermont-Ferrand, France. Etienne, their son, was patient and gracious as he conveyed to his parents what I was trying to say! Everyone did an excellent job in communicating with one another. Vern and I will always treasure our time in their home and the fun that we had. My heart and stomach was full from a glimpse into and a visit to this French home. Etienne was not only “translator” and “ambassador”‘ he also came to my rescue as website administrator tech when I accidentally deleted some of my blog photos.
Etienne, thank you for driving us to Le Puy-en-Velay. You and your family have a home in Northern California anytime you choose!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Home, Bienvenue Chez Nous

  1. Hey Mrs. Powers! Its Bar-o here just seeing how your trip is going so far. I understand you start your walking on friday. Thats awesome! All of us wish you the best of luck and we totally hope you have so much fun. We are looking forward to seeing more pictrues on your blog. It seems so beautiful where your at. We all wish you the best of luck for the start of your journey.

  2. Hi Nancy and Vern,

    It was a pleasure to have you as our guest and to show you a bit of my home land as you made me discover northern california last year.
    I look forward to seeing you again either in France or in California!

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