It Takes A Universe To:

As we were riding on the train from Paris to Clermont-Ferrand, France on Sunday, April 15th I started thinking. Thinking about the pull down table that I am using to put my iPad on, thinking about the seat I’m sitting in and the tracks that we are traveling on. I am utilizing the finished product, but it took hundreds, maybe thousands of people, to create the finished product out of the initial thoughts, plan, and calculations.

A few postings ago I contemplated the support and encouragement I have received. Just as with building a train car there are many things going on behind the scenes.

Our Camino friends: Lisa, Nickie, Christina, Mathias, Camino forums, and many Camino de Santiago enthusiasts support other “Pilgrims” whether they realize it or not.

When I realized that my body may need some support, local health facilitators were ready to step up: Gina, Theresa Logan, Dr. Cutter, and Judy.

Our friends and neighbors Bonnie and Leo have always been ready to give me tips and hints about how to hike wisely and to get where I intend to go. In 2003 when I was determined to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by myself they took the time to hike with me and so my love for hiking began! Thanks Bonnie and Leo for driving us to the airport before the sun comes up! My friend and fellow Pilgrim, Kathy, has been with me on many hiking trips. Harry, Vernadine, Ron, and Martha, have supported me when a hiking trip went “sideways”, the rest is history.

Our Sierra Wood neighbors and Barbara are keeping an eye on our home and keeping our “stinky friend”, Louie, exercised and content. Becky and Nathan may be gone from “The Hood” when we return, but I am sure that a road trip to New York State is in my future. Robyn is always ready to answer my many questions about mailing packages overseas. I appreciate all of the support from Inez, Sharon, and everyone who is keeping us in their thoughts.

Honestly, there are far too many people to acknowledge or to even contemplate. My intention here is to scratch the surface and to illustrate that my life, is supported and sustained by a host of helpful, loving people. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

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