Nickie, Maureen, Jennifer and Danny Boy

It is now Friday morning and Vern and I are sitting at the St. Pancras train station in the U.K. We have had a wonderful time with our friends. We met Nickie in 2009 when we walked the Camino. We have stayed in touch and were grateful that we could visit on our way to Le Puy. Nickie and Jennifer took us on a tour through London on our way to the Eye, a giant “Ferris wheel”. Maureen kept us well nourished and comfortable in their beautiful home…..thank you! Jennifer is quickly becoming a pro at the domino train game that we brought her. Danny Boy, their beautiful guard dog licked us and treated us well. Buen Camino Nickie, enjoy your walk!

3 thoughts on “Nickie, Maureen, Jennifer and Danny Boy

  1. You are real heroes as you were not afraid to enter the London Eye. I bet is was great!
    I love reading your blog, Nancy.

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks for following. Nickie has a granddaughter who now loves Mexican train! We had a great time with them. We are now in a Paris hotel just getting ready to go to a museum. Hope all is well. Love, Nancy

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