Support and Love Shows Up As:

While airline, transportation, and lodging reservations were being made up to April 20th, I began the process of creating a blog. It was important to me to have a blog that looked like a website. Great idea….now how do I start? Here comes the support: Scott is a tech savvy friend and neighbor who definitely helped make this blog possible. As I would ramble on about what I was trying to do Scott was already on the correct page or in the correct format. Thanks Scott and thanks David for being on the ready with the Hershey chocolates! Right around the time I was working on the website concept Vern bought me an iPad……cool! Ok, now how do I blog from an iPad? Another savvy techie to the rescue. I don’t actually know her but Beth has an awesome blog at: I loved her format and style and emailed her with some questions…thanks for getting back to me! As I followed some of the tools that Beth used I discovered, a great ap for iPads and great customer service….Lance, you’re on it!! There are many areas of my life that “fill” me up. Here are a couple of them: Pete, “crew”, and staff at the Ranch. Pete, your enthusiasm and willingness to follow, critique, and share my journey is priceless. I “take” all of you with me. Universal Heart Center is a Spiritual support system with many bonuses, one of them is a great group of people and friends! Thanks for your support and love! My point is: I am not on an individual, solo journey. I am on a journey with many others supplying everything that can ever be needed. Sometimes I don’t always see the many hands and minds at work to support me.

*Photo: Posted on Pinterest by Pichu Melinha, “For The Home”

2 thoughts on “Support and Love Shows Up As:

  1. Your love shines through in everything you do Nancy. The Universe has helped but you are the one creating and therefore receiving the “love”.

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