Support Group

Last month Vern and I spent a few days visiting family and friends. We spent time together to celebrate Jason’s birthday and to visit before Vern and I set off on our walking tour from Le Puy, France to Muxia, Spain. When I thought about being gone for 3 months I realized that we will be gone for a season. As we are experiencing color and weather changes so will our friends and family. While we planned, researched, and prepared one truth appeared time and time again: support is priceless!! Many months ago I had chosen the date that I was “drawn” to for the day that we would begin our journey from Le Puy. One of the factors in choosing a date was when would it be optimal to start our ascent into the Pyrenees. As I hovered over a calendar as large as my desk April 20, 2012 kept grabbing my attention….soon the date almost became neon in color on a black and white calendar. First step accomplished! Now that I have the date in which we will start walking I can now go back from that date to choose the date to leave home. Ok, so the process began to decide where we would want to stop along the way and for how long. Support early on came from Chris McMullin. Chris was recommended to me several years ago and described as a good travel agent. After working with her in preparation for our 2009 Camino walk it was a no brainier to call her again. Travel arrangements: just one foundational component in a long series of steps. When the decision to walk was made the Camino for me began.

3 thoughts on “Support Group

  1. Hello, it is COLLANGE family!! We ara waiting for you this sunday!!we hope that the weather ‘ll be better next week !! I just had your blog adress, from Etienne and did’nt still read .. because it difficult for me!!! see you soon!

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