Take a Hike

Needless to say, the most important part of the preparation for a long distance hike is walking. Walking on pavement, walking on sand, walking up stairs frontwards and backwards, walking on dirt, and most importantly: walking on rocks. The French Hill Trail in Del Norte County is one of the best trails for training. It is approximately 3 miles of incline. It takes me almost twice as long to climb it as it does to come down. If I walk from our home to the trailhead and back home it is a 8.2 mile walk.

2 thoughts on “Take a Hike

  1. That is a good point! While in “training mode” it is important to experience all the different weather conditions. It is recommended that all gear is used before actually going on the long distance walk.
    As I was preparing for the Camino 2009 walk I realized that my backpack wasn’t working for me. I had just enough time to change it.

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