Healers and Helpers


Over the years I have been so grateful for the Physicians,  Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainer and Podiatrist, all of whom have been a big part of the preparation and completion of each one of my long distance endeavors, not to mention: a computer tech, the master shoe cobbler, and family and friends.

Healers: First on this list is: {Dr. D. Craig Miller, M.D., (Thoracic Aortic Surgery), Stanford School of Medicine. Thank you Dr. Miller for keeping me alive…twice. {Carl Osborn, DO, PC, Ventana Wellness, Medford, Oregon. Your skills in orthopedic medicine and prolotherapy have made it possible for me to not only walk, but to walk long distances. {Dr. Chris Cutter, Sutter Coast Community Clinic, Crescent City, Ca. Thank you for your wisdom and support. {Dr. Jean Turner, DPM., Sebastopol, Ca. I am grateful for the day I walked into your office years ago. Thank you for your “less is more” approach to treatment and your support of my adventures. Cindy is a vital part of the care I receive during my visits. {Gay Jacobsen, NCMT. Your intuitiveness and experience helped me shift from painful feet to healing feet…thanks for the demonstration at the Sebastopol pool! {Fred Endert Municipal Pool, Crescent City, Ca. I am grateful for such a wonderful facility so close to home. {Judi Ramsey, F.N.P., Crescent City Internal Medicine. Always supportive and informative….thanks for your great spirit. {Shar Valentine, Physical Therapist and “lifesaver”, Sutter Coast Hospital. Your perseverance and expertise paid off….I am ready to walk! {Theresa Logan, Massage Therapist. A wonderful massage therapist who has come to my rescue more than once!! Thanks for your friendship and guidance. {Massage For Health, Connie Cain, Crescent City, Ca. Thanks for your healing work and supporting me in saying “Yes” to life. {The Club, Gina and Dennis, C.C., Ca. Thanks for the great workouts and encouraging me to safely stretch my body. {Universal Heart Center, C.C., Ca. Thanks to everyone for your support and healing thoughts, especially during the last couple of months. Helpers: {Chris McMullin, Travel Agent, C.C., Ca. Wow, thanks for getting us in and out of places we had never heard of. You really are the Euro Gal! {Dan’s Shoe Repair, Ashland, Oregon. When the style of Merrell boot that worked well for me was discontinued I tried three different pairs of boots that proceeded to strain my feet. Dan re-soled my old boots. I am grateful to have found your shop. {Scott Henderson, computer expert. (My words, not his). In my opinion I would not be posting and preparing to blog for the next two months without him. Thanks for your patience! {Leo and Bonnie Michels. Thanks for getting us to and from the airport for the third time and for following my postings. {Gideon and Margaret. Thanks for taking care of our home and our furry friends, Louie and Molly, so we can have peace of mind! Remember: you are the pack leaders:) {Red Rover Ranch, Crescent City, Ca. Thanks Jennifer for being available for daycare and boarding for Louie and Molly, as needed. {Blog followers. Knowing that someone is reading, discussing, or just contemplating nudging themselves out of their “comfort zone” or just supporting us while we nudge ourselves is motivation for me to write rough drafts, download photos, and reply when I can. {Jason, Russell, and Angel. Always holding a space in our hearts and minds….love the Holidays/Birthdays/Fun Times with you!

Home For Eighteen Hours.

Vern and I arrived home on Thursday, July 19th. The plane from San Francisco to Crescent City, California is not a jet….it is a prop plane and the passengers are directed to board from the tarmac. I was raised near the San Francisco Airport and remember when planes were all boarded in this manner. A shuttle is needed to get from one terminal to another. The shuttle travels in between terminals “behind the scenes”.

“Welcome to San Francisco”.

Thanks for getting us to our gate.

Our fourth plane home from Santiago.

There were many delays from Wednesday when we left Madrid to Thursday when we arrived in Crescent City, California. We had an overnight stay near the San Francisco Airport so that we could make a connection for the flight home from San Francisco. Our friends, Bonnie and Leo, arrived in Crescent City to pick us up. By the time we landed they had been in “town” almost five hours.

Me, Bonnie, Leo, and Vern. Thanks for taking us to the airport on April 9th and picking us up on July 19th!!

Our home.

Louie, our “stinky” friend.

Thanks Barbara for taking care of Louie and our home!

While walking the Camino de Santiago we had received an email that the annual Family Reunion would be held on July 21st….six hours northeast of where we live. We were home Thursday night and then started driving to my cousin's home on Friday.
Vern, Luanna (friend), Dee Dee, Me, Gary, Kaitlyn, Tannis, Seth, Bill, Dolores, Sidney, Jade, and Breckin, dogs: Haley and Bella. Not shown: Louie, our dog, is eating.
For me, walking the Camino de Santiago is definitely an experience that will always be with me. The Camino does not end when I arrive home. The increased peace of mind that I experience while walking and the love that I receive and give in Community is always available to me.
I have enjoyed creating postings and adding photos to this journal, (blog). Any future postings related to our walk from Le Puy-en-Velay, France to Muxia, Spain will be in the form of insights and information.
If you have a comment, question, or concern please email me at: tcbandfan@charter.net. Your emails may help me create the next posting.
This blog and two Camino inspired projects will allow me to “stay on the Camino” as I return home.
Now that we are home I will answer the emails and comments that have already been sent.
For me, you were just as much a part of the Camino community as the people we were meeting along the way. It was wonderful to know that this blog was creating a “window” into the sights and experiences as we were living them. There were times after 8 to 12 hours of walking that you were the reason that I wrote a rough draft. Sometimes the draft had a few sentences or just a few words and a list of the photos that were related, anything to help me create a post at a later time. It would have been easy to let go of this process in the first few weeks. I did not let go of it because I knew that a classroom, a spiritual group, friends, family and Camino enthusiasts were “walking” with us. Thanks for following.
Nancy and Vern

Muxia to Home. Day Seven

Written on July 18, 2012.

It’s a travel day. During “travel mode” I find that I turn my will and my life over to the care of the unknown:). Lisa, Vern, and I leave on a shuttle from the hotel. As the driver was helping us unload our backpacks he noticed the scallop shell hanging on my bag. In Spanish he said, “I have walked the Camino de Santiago 3 times”. His smile was so big and bright that I knew that he was happy to share, just for a moment, that he too was a Pilgrim.

Lisa had an earlier flight and was leaving from a different terminal than us. We had time to relax, have a snack, and update the blog.

Our plane to the first stop in the U.S., Miami.

This is the monitor that we watched in Madrid.

Arriving in Miami after clearing Customs and Passport Control.

I love this floor at the Miami airport.

By the time we arrived at the CitiGarden Hotel near the San Francisco Airport it was 1:30 a.m. We needed sleep more than we needed food. This is a great hotel near the airport that provides free shuttle service between the hours of 4:14 a.m. to 12:44 a.m. The CitiGarden also has a park’n fly program. The website is: citigardenhotel.com. I feel that this hotel is one of the best kept secrets in the Bay Area.

Muxia to Home. Day Six.

Written on July 17, 2012.

The first place we go today is Plaza Mayor. We love to see what is going on. The perfect place for a fun photo!

Vern, Me, and Lisa looking our best!

Today we are exploring areas of the City that we drove past on the bus tour last weekend.

Open air double decker bus.

The Cathedral is beautiful from the outside and even more impressive from the inside.

One of the main cloisters of the Cathedral in Madrid.

A section of the ceiling.

I'm enjoying the walk from the Cathedral on the side of the street with the most shade. Fortunately for us there was some wonderful music on that side of the street also.

Thank you for the music!

After dinner we attended a free concert at the Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande Madrid. A choir from the Rottenburg Cathedral….Rottenburg, Germany performed. The young women had angelic voices. I thought that the best effect was when they formed a circle under the dome…it sounded beautiful! The organist who accompanies the choir has won many awards for his playing. After listening to him for a few moments I can understand why.


Muxia to Home. Day Five.

Written on July 16, 2012.

Another day to sleep in! We really are on vacation. We take our time waking up and go to the first floor for breakfast. The plan today is to not have a plan. Just walking around Madrid is entertaining, day or night. The days have been so warm that many sidewalk cafes have misters, (water sprayers), to cool off their customers. I bought a pair of jeans yesterday, today I have to buy a belt to hold them up. I find one right away. It seems that Vern, Lisa and I are ready to do a little shopping. We go from store to store and from cafe to cafe. We have now moved into a room for three people. It is a large room right above the street.

There is an incredible market not far from Plaza Mayor. It is full of local specialities and one-of-a-kind delicacies. We enjoy looking at all this market has to offer.

M & M Market, Madrid.
Specialty hams at the market.
Cashews, pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.
“Eye-catching” windows above a shop.
In Madrid a person can walk 10 minutes back to their hotel or take 3 hours to get there. A corner can change several times a day. The same artist or vendor will probably not be in the same location the next time you walk by.

Muxia to Home. Day Four.

Written on July 15, 2012.


Vern, Lisa, and I had breakfast at the hotel.Yes I said breakfast…not toast and coffee, but yogurt, eggs, fruit juice, and cereal. There were other foods also available at the buffet. We took our time eating and relaxing. We then left to find a double decker bus to ride in. We paid 20 euros each and were able to ride on the bus all day. If we saw something we wanted to explore or take a closer look at we could leave the bus any time. Headphones were provided and you could choose the language you needed.

We went to our room and rested. I was anxious to wear a different pair of pants so I went across the street and bought a pair of jeans. A different pair of pants after 3 months!

We felt rested, walked a short distance and returned to the bus for another part of the tour.

In the evening we returned to Plaza Mayor. It was now Sunday evening. The scene was completely changed from Saturday evening. Massage chairs and vendors of every type of product lined the streets. There were a few musicians, but not the variety that we saw the evening before. There were many young men running around trying to sell toys that they would launch with a rubber band many feet off the ground.

The fountains and landmarks of Madrid are beautiful and unique. Here are just a few of the landmarks and attractions that we saw: I have only added titles to the structures that I am sure of.

Edificio Metropolis.
Royal Palace.
A Camino marker on a Madrid Hotel!
Madrid is an interesting city with attractions and interests for every style and taste!