Follow Vern, Nancy, Angel, Kathy, and Kasie as we begin the Camino Portugues in Porto, Portugal. We begin our walk to Santiago, Spain, (240 km, 149 mi) on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

Vern, Nancy, Angel and Kathy will continue from Santiago, walking the Camino Fisterra, (87 km, 54 mi). Please note that there are many spellings for this destination. Fisterra is a busy fishing port on the Atlantic Ocean and in Medieval times was known as “the end of the world”.

After receipt of two Compostelas, (certificates of completion), Vern, Nancy, and Angel will travel to Pamplona and begin walking on the Camino de Santiago, (725 km, 453 mi). The journey continues as we make our way, once again, to Santiago de Compostela.

This is the third Camino for Vern and Nancy and the second for Kathy. We are grateful that our friends and daughter will join us on this incredible journey.

Contact: Our intention is to walk several miles a day, wash our clothes, take care of ourselves, post to our blog….and when possible: check blog comments and emails at: tcbandfan@charter.net

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Healers and Helpers


Over the years I have been so grateful for the Physicians,  Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainer and Podiatrist, all of whom have been a big part of the preparation and completion of each one of my long distance endeavors, not to mention: a computer tech, the master shoe cobbler, and family and friends.

Healers: First on this list is: {Dr. D. Craig Miller, M.D., (Thoracic Aortic Surgery), Stanford School of Medicine. Thank you Dr. Miller for keeping me alive…twice. {Carl Osborn, DO, PC, Ventana Wellness, Medford, Oregon. Your skills in orthopedic medicine and prolotherapy have made it possible for me to not only walk, but to walk long distances. {Dr. Chris Cutter, Sutter Coast Community Clinic, Crescent City, Ca. Thank you for your wisdom and support. {Dr. Jean Turner, DPM., Sebastopol, Ca. I am grateful for the day I walked into your office years ago. Thank you for your “less is more” approach to treatment and your support of my adventures. Cindy is a vital part of the care I receive during my visits. {Judi Ramsey, F.N.P., Crescent City Internal Medicine. Always supportive and informative….thanks for your great spirit. {Shar Valentine, Physical Therapist and “lifesaver”, Sutter Coast Hospital. Your perseverance and expertise paid off….I am ready to walk! {Theresa Logan, Massage Therapist. A wonderful massage therapist who has come to my rescue more than once!! Thanks for your friendship and guidance. {Massage For Health, Connie Cain, Crescent City, Ca. Thanks for your healing work and supporting me in saying “Yes” to life. {The Club, Gina and Dennis, C.C., Ca. Thanks for the great workouts and encouraging me to safely stretch my body. {Universal Heart Center, C.C., Ca. Thanks to everyone for your support and healing thoughts, especially during the last couple of months. Helpers: {Chris McMullin, Travel Agent, C.C., Ca. Wow, thanks for getting us in and out of places we had never heard of. You really are the Euro Gal! {Dan’s Shoe Repair, Ashland, Oregon. When the style of Merrell boot that worked well for me was discontinued I tried three different pairs of boots that proceeded to strain my feet. Dan re-soled my old boots. I am grateful to have found your shop. {Scott Henderson, computer expert. (My words, not his). In my opinion I would not be posting and preparing to blog for the next two months without him. Thanks for your patience! {Leo and Bonnie Michels. Thanks for getting us to and from the airport for the third time and for following my postings. {Gideon and Margaret. Thanks for taking care of our home and our furry friends, Louie and Molly, so we can have peace of mind! Remember: you are the pack leaders:) {Red Rover Ranch, Crescent City, Ca. Thanks Jennifer for being available for daycare and boarding for Louie and Molly, as needed. {Blog followers. Knowing that someone is reading, discussing, or just contemplating nudging themselves out of their “comfort zone” or just supporting us while we nudge ourselves is motivation for me to write rough drafts, download photos, and reply when I can. {Jason, Russell, and Angel. Always holding a space in our hearts and minds….love the Holidays/Birthdays/Fun Times with you!

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