“Join” us while we prepare, train, vision, and plan for our 1,000 mile (1,600 km) walk across France and Spain.

We will leave our home in Northern California and begin our journey to Le Puy, France on April 9, 2012. We will travel to Le Puy via London, Paris, and Chauriat.

On April 20th we will begin walking from Le Puy.

The photo above is Le Puy-en-Velay, France. Le Puy is famous for being the starting point of one of the main pilgrimage paths in France that lead to Santiago de Compostella. Also, pilgrimages to Notre-Dame du Puy (a Romanesque Cathedral) began in the 10th century.

The walk will take us to the Atlantic ocean via Santiago de Compostella, Finisterre, and then on to Muxia Spain. Muxia is a fishing port with a modern fishing fleet not far from the Bay of Biscay.

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Home For Eighteen Hours.

Vern and I arrived home on Thursday, July 19th. The plane from San Francisco to Crescent City, California is not a jet….it is a prop plane and the passengers are directed to board from the tarmac. I was raised near the San Francisco Airport and remember when planes were all boarded in this manner. A shuttle is needed to get from one terminal to another. The shuttle travels in between terminals “behind the scenes”.

“Welcome to San Francisco”.

Thanks for getting us to our gate.

Our fourth plane home from Santiago.

There were many delays from Wednesday when we left Madrid to Thursday when we arrived in Crescent City, California. We had an overnight stay near the San Francisco Airport so that we could make a connection for the flight home from San Francisco. Our friends, Bonnie and Leo, arrived in Crescent City to pick us up. By the time we landed they had been in “town” almost five hours.

Me, Bonnie, Leo, and Vern. Thanks for taking us to the airport on April 9th and picking us up on July 19th!!

Our home.

Louie, our “stinky” friend.

Thanks Barbara for taking care of Louie and our home!

While walking the Camino de Santiago we had received an email that the annual Family Reunion would be held on July 21st….six hours northeast of where we live. We were home Thursday night and then started driving to my cousin's home on Friday.
Vern, Luanna (friend), Dee Dee, Me, Gary, Kaitlyn, Tannis, Seth, Bill, Dolores, Sidney, Jade, and Breckin, dogs: Haley and Bella. Not shown: Louie, our dog, is eating.
For me, walking the Camino de Santiago is definitely an experience that will always be with me. The Camino does not end when I arrive home. The increased peace of mind that I experience while walking and the love that I receive and give in Community is always available to me.
I have enjoyed creating postings and adding photos to this journal, (blog). Any future postings related to our walk from Le Puy-en-Velay, France to Muxia, Spain will be in the form of insights and information.
If you have a comment, question, or concern please email me at: tcbandfan@charter.net. Your emails may help me create the next posting.
This blog and two Camino inspired projects will allow me to “stay on the Camino” as I return home.
Now that we are home I will answer the emails and comments that have already been sent.
For me, you were just as much a part of the Camino community as the people we were meeting along the way. It was wonderful to know that this blog was creating a “window” into the sights and experiences as we were living them. There were times after 8 to 12 hours of walking that you were the reason that I wrote a rough draft. Sometimes the draft had a few sentences or just a few words and a list of the photos that were related, anything to help me create a post at a later time. It would have been easy to let go of this process in the first few weeks. I did not let go of it because I knew that a classroom, a spiritual group, friends, family and Camino enthusiasts were “walking” with us. Thanks for following.
Nancy and Vern
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